Dr. John Miller Dr. John Miller, our founder, is the son of Jay D. Miller, a Chicago Corporate Attorney, who aided Harvey Wiley in writing the original Pure Food and Drug Statues, and persuaded Congress to accept them.� Therefore, his interest in food and drug problems goes back to his childhood and is grounded also in his experience in early life in farming and dairy operations in Iowa and Illinois.� Following his many years of formal education, Dr. Miller was elected President of the National Honorary Chemical Society (Phi Lambda Upsilon).� He also served as Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Abstracts-the prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society which is used by research institutions and universities throughout the world.

Michael WoheadIn 1947, "Dr John," as he was affectionately known by many, accepted the Directorship of Research for the J.B. Roeing Company, where he developed numerous pharmaceutical preparations. Among these formulas was "Viterra," the first formulation successfully combining vitamins and minerals in capsule form.

As a result of the tremendous acceptance of "Viterra" by the medical profession, the J.B. Roerig Company was purchased in 1953 by Pfizer, Inc., Brooklyn, so Dr. Miller continued his work in product research under the auspices of this large corporation.

In 1958, he and his associate Michael Wohead launched the Miller Pharmacal Company for the purpose of developing pharmaceutical preparations based on Dr. Miller's lifetime research in the field of chelation chemistry. They were motivated by the fact of having learned the importance of using the "organically bound" or "chelated and complexed" forms of minerals as essential elements in the prevention and treatment of disease.